Blood Cleanup Kit

Boardwalk® - Bloodborne Pathogen Kit, 30 Pieces, 3


Impact® - Bloodborne Pathogen Cleanup Kit, OSHA Compliant, Plastic Case
Includes one each.

ACE 91100


PhysiciansCare® - Emergency First Aid Bodily Fluid Spill Kit
One pack of fluid-control solidifier, one scoop/scraper, one disposable apron, one red biohazard bag w/tie, one wiper pad, one combination mask/faceshield, one pair of nitrile gloves, two



Medline - Fluid Clean-Up Kit, 7 Pieces, Synthetic-Fabric Bag
One pair of exam gloves, one absorbent towel, one 2g bottle of absorbent powder, one antimicrobial hand wipe, one scoop with detachable scraper, one disinfecting towelette, one twist tie,

BGD 169


Big D Industries - D'vour Clean-up Kit, Powder, All Inclusive Kit
Includes a packet of D'Vour, one pair of disposable gloves, two disposable scoops with hand grips, two plastic disposable bags, one germicidal disposable wipe, two antiseptic disinfec